How to disable the unwanted updates in windows 7

The windows update  sometimes get irritating when you don't want install specific update,The solution for this is very easy and can completely disable the annoying update.Just got to the windows update option and select the update that you don't wish to be install and click right button of mouse and select hide update option.Now the update will not disturb you again.If you want to restore these update you can do that by just clicking the left side of check for update button ie Restore hidden updates.

SIP-Systematic Investment Plan

Systematic Investment Plan is also called "Periodic Payment Plan" or "Conceptual Plan".Systematic Investment Plan is not like one time investment plan.It gives liberty to invest to gather money on regular basis.With SIP you can enter in Stock market with minimum investment.Also it offers great benefits in the long term future plan.Such needs include Personal Retirement,children's education,buying house etc.The SIP requires investment for ten,fifteen or twenty five yeares.You can start investment with modest sum.The things you should keep in mind while investing in SIP that you should able to make payment on regular basis.Withdrawal in the middle will make lose you lose your money.Check the fees charged by plan. and objective of the investment plan.  

Annual travel insurance

Annul Travel Insurance is comes in handy when you travel more thane once in year.If you traveling for more than  three-weeks holiday in summer or any holiday season,then it helps you to saves money.So you do not require to hold any other insurance for your every trip.